24/7 Prayer with Worship

IHOPKC LOGOWorship and intercession are set forth as supremely important to God’s kingdom throughout all history.  For example, human history began with daily prayer meetings in the garden of Eden (Gen 3:8).  Israel began as a nation in a prayer meeting at Mt. Sinai (Ex 25:2).  God set apart an entire tribe (Levites) in Israel to maintain day and night worship.  David established night-and-day worship in Jerusalem providing full-time financing for over 4,000 musicians and singers in “the tabernacle of David” (I Chr 15-16; 23:5; 25:7).  The early church began and operated in prayer meetings (Acts 1:14; 2:42; 6:4), and natural history will end in the context of a powerful global prayer movement.

In May 1983, the Lord said audibly, “I will establish 24-hour prayer in the spirit of the tabernacle of David.”  Here at IHOP-KC we desire to always be alert to the priority God has put on us in keeping a 24/7 sanctuary and respond by obeying this specific divine assignment.

We desire to minister to God.  The Lord is worthy of unceasing worship in heaven and on earth.  He desires to be worshiped on earth as He is worshiped in heaven.  Worship is both an end and a means to an end.  Worship is the ultimate goal of the Church and all missions.  Worship and love for Jesus will never surpass our knowledge of Him.  The primary problem in misunderstanding the call to worhsip is in not understanding Jesus’ majesty.  Where the vision of Jesus is lacking, deep and continual worship will be lacking.  A great hindrance to the end-time worship movement lies in the lack of the knowledge of God.  The revelation of God and the subsequent inevitable fascination with Him are the very foundation of the worship movement.  Thus, sustaining the effort it takes to grow deep in the knowledge of God is the key to sustaining 24/7 worship.  When we understand Jesus, it makes sense to adore Him continually.

Jesus requires night-and-day prayer for the full release of justice in the Church and society.  The Labor of intercession changes the spiritual atmosphere of the region being targeted in prayer.  Prayer results in the Spirit moving in a greater measure, as angels are more active and demons are hindered (Dan 10:13, 20-21).  This causes the works of the kingdom to have a greater impact as we proclaim the Word to win the lost, revive the Church, and impact every sphere of society with works of justice.

Prayer positions us to encounter God and receive more from the Holy Spirit experiencing more of God’s grace to know, love, and obey Jesus in a deeper way.  In worship, we align our heart with Im and we receive more from Him.  Jesus has so much to say to us.  It is the nature of God to communicate His heart with His people.