• Sarah and Clay

    Sarah and Clay have been married since August of 2006.  They have been serving the House of Prayer in Kansas city for over 10 years.

  • Levi

    Levi James was born on January 28th 2012.  He is a very curious little boy who loves to get into all sorts of things.  He loves to sing and enjoys a good drum beat to some music.  He received a guitar for his 3rd birthday and is convinced he is already a pro.

  • Samantha

    Samantha Dawn was born on September 15th, 2009.  She has a very big heart and loves her stuffed animals.  She loves drawing and coloring, whenever she has the opportunity a rainbow will for sure be crafted.

  • Timothy

    Timothy Gracen was born on May 15th 2007.  He is all boy.  He loves trucks, trains, and sports.  He has a weekly woodwork shop and is developing quite the desire to make and fix things.